February, 6, 2004, Los Angeles, CA – The Southern California Labor Management Trust (RICTF) has announced the creation of its new website ( The RICTF is collaboration between the Union Roofing Contractors Association (URCA), and United Union of Roofers Waterproofers & Allied Workers, Locals 36 and 220.

The purpose of the website is to inform roofing contractors and employees of the importance of eliminating workers’ compensation and prevailing wage fraud within the commercial and industrial roofing industry in Southern California. Furthermore, the website will allow both employees and contractors to directly report to the Task Force, via the Internet, any contractors who are deliberately fraudulent in their roofing activities.

According to URCA executive vice president Ron Johnston, the new website will allow workers and contractors the ability to report suspected violators from the privacy of their own homes. Having the ability and convenience of utilizing the website may encourage employees to report suspected employer fraud.

“The RICTF has successfully investigated fraudulent activities for some time now. With the new website, we are able to communicate with the workers and contractors in a much more convenient manner for all parties involved,” said Johnston. “Also, investigations will continue in the manner performed prior to the creation of the new website.”

The functions of the “” website include Online and/or printable forms for employees and contractors to report suspected fraud, a home page describing RICTF’s mission and intentions, useful links to many government investigating agencies, a news room for the latest RICTF news, and a means of contacting the Task Force. Furthermore, much of the new site is also in Spanish.

Roofing employees and contractors are encouraged to contact the RICTF Online at or by calling 714-628-3916.

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