Mission Statement

The Southern California Labor Management Trust (SCLMT) shall do whatever is within its power to fight against fraudulent activities that impedes the growth and success of all legitimate roofing labor and contractors. With the assistance of State and local enforcement agencies, workers and contractors, the SCLMT shall continue its quest to rid California of unscrupulous contractor fraud.

The Southern California Labor Management Trust is comprised of representatives from the United Union of Roofers and Waterproofers & Allied Workers Locals 36 & 220, and the Union Roofing Contractors Association.

The SCLMT is committed to help eliminate any contractors from utilizing illegal and unfair financial advantages over their competitors. Areas of action include, but not limited to, cash pay, under reporting of payroll, and fraudulent misclassification of workers to lower Workers’ Compensation costs.

The SCLMT is working to ensure that all contractors abide by the labor code when performing work on Public as well as private projects. The SCLMT is committed to stopping the payroll and Workers’ Compensation scams that have become a lucrative revenue source for unscrupulous contractors.

The SCLMT utilizes agencies such as the Workers Compensation Fraud Unit, CA Department of Industrial Relations, CA Employment Development Department’s Fraud Division, CA Department of Insurance, CA Franchise Tax Board, CA Department of Labor, CA Contractors Licensing Board, District Attorney’s Offices, and others to assist in criminally prosecuting offenders who choose to be in violation of the law.

There is an enormous amount of fraud occurring in the State of California. This fraud is so prevalent that it has created an “underground economy.” This underground economy has depleted workers and the State of billions of dollars. Let us all pitch in to clear the “dark cloud” of fraud that is hovering over the fine State of California.

If you are a WORKER who believes you or your co-workers are subject to possible contractor fraud, report this activity to the SCLMT. Click here to submit your confidential report. Reports go directly to the SCLMT offices.

If you are a CONTRACTOR with information about a potential fraud occurrence(s), please assist this cause and report your observations and/or findings to the SCLMT. Click here to submit your confidential report.